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Anna Sudit

Anna Sudit is an art director and illustrator from New York, currently based in London. She is intrigued and inspired by combining very different interests in a cohesive whole; fashion, subculture and sexuality are reflected in her bold and shiny illustrations. Anna has worked with clients, including: Refinery29, Vice, Bullett Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, ASOS, and TNT.

George Michael - Too Funky 4 MINUTES

I wanted to put this first because I feel like it is a great visual representation of the bio above. With that being said it’s one of the top 5 videos to represent me as an individual. I think George Michael visualised and vocalised sexuality in a way that felt naughty but you couldn’t help but want it, at that time it feels like no one else was doing that. Lyrically, the song is almost like reading from an erotic novel. You get the same feeling listening to it in your headphones on the tube as you do reading erotica.

Thierry Mugler is one of my favourite fashion designers. In the 90’s what Mugler sent down the runway, to me, is the definition of sexy. His models always looked like Goddesses. He’s got an amazing mix of classic feminine silhouettes and loads of PVC which feels quite BDSM. His exaggerated futuristic robot like designs remind me a lot of Hajime Soroyama’s “Sexy Robot” which is one of my favourite books. I could go on and on about the details of this music video and why, for me, it’s hard to top

Cat Power - Speaking for Trees part 2/2 49 MINUTES

This is a long two part video or Cat Power playing older songs in the woods. I searched for this one because I wanted to find a video of her which captures how I feel about her. I think I started listening to Cat Power when I was in high school and I heard her cover of Cat Stevens in a holiday commercial. I immediately ran to my computer to look her up. The time between high school and end of college was when I started experimenting with different mediums in art and trying to find my place. For many reasons those were some of the most emotional and emotionally exhausting years of my life. I’ll always think of Cat Power when I think back to those times because I listened to her 24/7. Through emotional breakdowns, not sleeping for days because of deadlines, and when skipping class because I couldn’t stay awake during it and was walking around New York City by myself.

Gummo - Harmony Korine 3 minutes

Gummo came out when I was 8 years old but I’d not seen it til I was about in my teens. It may be my first conscious memory of realizing I was interested in what wasn’t being generally shown. Taboos and subcultures and everything I didn’t know. It’s put me on to other Harmony Korine films and he’s come to be one of my favorite directors and overall artists.

Marina Abromovic & Ulay - The Other : Rest Energy 2 MINUTES

I think that every artist when creating something, wants to capture some sort of emotion in the person looking at it. Marina Abromovic… She has power over just about anyone, they look at her and explode with emotion they didn’t even know was there. She captures humanity in a phenomenal, extremely emotional way, and no other artist has ever made me feel this way before. This video of her and her old partner holding an arrow pointed directly at her heart, while they are wearing microphones to pick up heartbeats and irregular breathing as it intensifies.

Marilyn Manson Debates Bill O’Rilley 7 MINUTES

I couldn’t do this without a video of Marilyn Manson in the mix. There’s a lot to be said about Marilyn Manson and why I’ve liked him so much for years. When It comes to being artistically influential, I think overall he is an individual who does whatever the fuck he wants to do, for no other reason than that he wants to do it. While getting loads of backlash from the public, I think today he’s at the point where, he is globally respected, if not admired.

Sonic Youth - 100% Directed by Spike Jonze 3 MINUTES

I was born in Russia, I moved to Israel when I was 1 and then to New York City when I was 15. Everything I am today has everything to do with where I’ve been. The years I spent in NYC made me a New Yorker. New York is and will always be my home. Spike Jonze always felt very New York to me and his videos always felt like pieces of my youth glued together, same goes for Sonic Youth.



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