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CURATE.TV LIVE | Transcendent and Otherworldly

Last Thursday 60 heady folk paused the Coronavirus hysteria and gathered at 71a London to watch some videos themed around the transcendent and otherworldly.

We learnt about the hypnotic and surreal world of primitive technology (chosen by Alexander Coggin), the transcendent power of music and dance (chosen by Jojo Sonubi), futuristic dystopian fever dreams (created by Ed Andrews) and a Soviet vision of sacrifice on an epic scale (chosen by Nikola Vasakova) all before the interval. Phew. In the second half we watched a video full of inertia, tension and anticipation (chosen by Jonas Zieher), learnt, again, about the transcendent power of music and dance, this time combined with drugs (chosen by Alec Doherty), and closed the night with a collaboratively created digital first anaesthetic (chosen by Ella Fitzsimmons) that left the crowd feeling energised and lighted headed all at once. Scroll down to see all the videos.

Primitive Technology

Chosen by Alexander Coggin. Alexander Coggin is an American artist and photographer living in London and obsessed with elevating reality.

Lágbájá - Skentele Skontolo

Chosen by Jojo Sonubi. Jojo Sonubi is co-founder of Black in the Day, a submission based photo archive documenting the lives of black people in the United Kingdom. He also runs the event brand RECESS, renowned for their day parties and club nights. Jojo is a graphic designer and creative director for both these projects.

Andrei Tarkovsky's 'The Sacrifice' (1986)

Chosen by Nikola Vasakova. Nikola Vasakova is a producer, curator and founder of Girls in Film, an international network and platform for new generation of womxn in film with hubs in London and Prague and over 5,000 members worldwide.

Der Lauf der Dinge (1987)

Chosen by Jonas Zieher. Jonas Zieher is design director at Spin Studio. His design practice sits at the intersection of graphics and moving image.

Fantazia New Years Eve 1993

Chosen by Alec Doherty. Alec Doherty is a London base illustrator who’s playful eccentric work is nostalgic for a rose tinted youth raving, drinking and growing up in a big family.

HBA Galvanize By Wench

Chosen by Ella Fitzsimmons. Ella is a strategist and writer. She’s done work for places like Google AI, Bulb, the Trainline and the Government Digital Service, and ended up doing a PhD about religious fashion bloggers. She’s lived in Hong Kong, New York and small-town Sweden, and now calls Hackney Wick home.

Huge thanks to our drink sponsor Neckstamper Brewing for suppling us with their delicious Moon Curser America Pale Ale on the night.

Photos by Rebecca Cromwell



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