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Dan Sandison

Having previously studied film, Mundial magazine founder Dan Sandison champions the charm of cinema, and explains that the recent birth of his daughter has added a new dimension to the way he experiences it. “Going to the cinema is still a really special thing for me. I still really like watching films. Being a new dad makes it even more special because it’s very rare you’ve got an hour and 50 minutes to do anything. I’ve probably got the 10 films I watch over and over and over again, which has been informed by doing film and growing up loving film and wanting to make films.” Previously editor at online content giant Hypebeast, Sandison left his role in Hong Kong and relocated to London, where he founded football culture bible Mundial five years ago.

We asked Dan to share seven videos that mean something to him, and why:

Nowness x Copson: A Young Summer’s Heart 6 Minutes

Dan Sandison: I didn’t really know anything about Copson, and then I got sent this via a friend when I was at Hypebeast. I thought, wow, these guys must be massive, because it’s basically a short feature film, shot really beautifully. Then when I looked into them I realised that they weren’t massive and they were actually at a similar stage to us in terms of business, and that they were really cool people. I thought, fucking hell there’s like three people running the business there and they’ve done something that Louis Vuitton or Supreme or Balenciaga would kill to do. You always try to create something beautiful, you always have that ambition right, but I think Copson have got that in everything they’ve done, and we’ve always had that ambition and we always want to make something really high quality, but something always gets in the way. To do something like this there must have been a lot of sacrifices.

Breathless by Jean Luc Godard 1 Minute

DS: When I went and studied film, Shaun of the Dead was my favourite film—it’s still in the top three or four—but I hadn’t watched any foreign film. Then I went to college and there was this tutor that started showing us all these films. I thought this one was smart and I thought it was funny, but I really liked the fact that it was just young people in Paris doing it with no money. A lot of the uneven steadicam is because they made a mistake and didn’t have the money to cover it. It was just a lot of skint people trying to recreate what they saw in Hollywood, which I really like.

BT Sport No Filter UCL: Liverpool vs Barcelona 9 minutes

DS: Liverpool beat Barcelona at Anfield to go through to the final of the Champions League. It was really unlikely that we were going to do it—we had to score four goals. I couldn’t get up to Anfield to watch it, so I watched it with my daughter. Obviously she wasn’t that bothered because she was about three weeks old, but whatever, it was quite nice, it was a special occasion, it was an incredible game of football and they did something completely unthinkable. I was running round the house (well our very small flat) trying not to wake the baby, because she fell asleep during the second half. No Filter is a series BT did last year for the Champions League and they just kind of lifted the lid on what people are actually feeling at the ground, and what it sounds and feels like. For me, it’s one of the best ways to broadcast sport I’ve seen in a long time.

My Place: Glenn O'Brien 3 minutes

DS: This is brilliant. I just really like looking into people’s homes, which is a bit weird, like. It’s my favourite type of content—it’s not just looking inside, but the person talking to you about it. It’s something different, it’s a change of pace for me. I read a lot of football and a lot of fashion, a lot of really specific stuff. It’s nice to hear about someone’s taste, just about what someone likes. Having previously had ambitions to be a menswear writer, before I gave up on it, Glenn O’Brien’s the boy. I thought this series was incredible, and anything like it I’m just obsessed with.

Much Music 1991: Interview with The La’s 8 minutes

DS: Me and my mate used to watch this all the time in college. It was filmed in 1991 and they’ve only really released one album, they’re this almost mythical band in Liverpool, and as you can tell in the video they’re so scouse. I just really like the fact that they’re not like, “Oh we’re on Canadian TV and we should behave ourselves.” They’re not out of their depth or anything, they’re just being who they are, which is pretty rare. Also, there was a really funny moment a couple of years ago when I moved to Stoke Newington. Liverpool were playing Roma on the night I moved in, so I went to the local pub and I thought, “This is going to be crap. It’s going to be full of really boujee people and they’re not going to understand Liverpool Football Club in the way I do.” I got in there and John Power from The La’s was stood on a chair at the back singing, and I thought, “Alright, this is my local pub now.”

BBC interview with Liverpool former goalkeeper Tommy Lawrence 30 Seconds

DS: They’re doing a mad vox pop in Liverpool city centre, about a very specific football game from the past, and they end up talking to the goalkeeper from one of the teams. It’s the best video on the internet. Tommy Lawrence was one of my Grandad’s heroes, probably still is. I remember seeing it live and thinking, “Fucking hell, what are the odds of that?” He’s so incredibly humble and happy to talk about a part of his career. He’s obviously just out for a bit of shopping and he’s so thrilled that somebody wants to talk to him about him being involved in this special moment. I can’t exactly put it into words, but it’s caught something so special, completely coincidentally, about Liverpool and about football.

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash Cover I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 1 Minute

DS: This is from the Scorcese film, which I think is amazing. My Grandad used to listen to Dylan when he was relatively young, then my Dad and his brothers listened to Dylan, then I listened to Dylan. Country music has always been a huge part of growing up for me, whenever we’d go round to people’s houses it was always Johnny Cash and Don Williams and Patsy Cline and stuff like that. If I ever put a record on at home or put some music on in the office, it’s more often than not country music. So this kind of brings those two worlds together. I just have an unashamed love of country music, which I subject everyone to at every opportunity.

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