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Lydia Raghavan

Award-winning Senior Creative Lydia Raghavan understands the power of video better than most. Currently at Refinery29, she has previously headed up major projects at Depop, Viceland and Creature of London, but it was Partizan where she cut her teeth and found her feet. “I did an English degree and then knew I wanted to work in film because I was obsessed with music videos when I was a kid, which definitely shows my age.” explains Lydia. She adds, “After I left uni I applied as a runner for loads of production companies and I got in at Partizan, who made the best music videos of the 90s.”

We caught up with her to find out which videos she loves most, and why:

Brian & Charles 12 Minutes

Lydia Raghavan: Brian and Charles is just the most amazing, surreal comedy, and I love this comedian who plays Brian. He’s so dry and I’ve seen him do this character in stand-up and you just die laughing because he’s so self-critical. He’s brilliantly blunt and honest and it’s just such a cool character. I don’t know if you’d ever be able to do branded content with a character like that, but I’ve shown it to loads of people and it really divides them. I love that. Some people are literally in tears from beginning to end, but others are just like, “This is fucking weird and really bad.” I love that about it. I’ve not seen any comedy like this in the UK recently. I hope it gets made into a show.

ROSALÍA - DE AQUÍ NO SALES (Cap.4: Disputa) 3 minutes

LR: This director, Diana Kunst, is so fucking cool. It really reminds me of those 90s videos, where the dancing is so important. It almost makes me excited about music videos again when I see Rosalía’s work—I’m always looking out for the next one. When I saw this one I just loved the choreography and the music and the masculinity thrown in there, but also the beauty of it all. I can’t get enough of watching it. People are always talking about strong female artists and Rosalía’s a bit of all of them. She’s a bit Beyoncé, a bit M.I.A., and all of those references are in this video. It feels like such a nice homage to powerful strong female videos. It’s also so overblown, and I love that. Like if Michael Bay films were done in a sick, tasteful, female way.

'SIS' dir. Deborah Haywood 11 Minutes

LR: This is another amazing black comedy, but also really touching and makes you feel uncomfortable. It gets me every time I watch it. How could you even say some of the lines in this? It’s the maddest thing I’ve ever seen, but I love it so much. I love the children in it, they’re incredible. I love when you can get a performance out of a kid that can make you laugh like that, that’s kind of what I wanted to do in my work for the Green Party. How can you get kids to say things in a way that makes adults care? Adults don’t give a shit about kids, but these little girls are doing the cutest, most weirdest stuff, but there’s so much tension in it. A thriller wouldn’t have as much tension, but it’s so innocent. I could watch a whole show about these two girls.

Missy Elliott Super Dupa Fly 4 Minutes

LR: I love nostalgia, and I think creatively everyone should bring their references into their work. I just love this video and I love all the cameos. It reminds me of a time when I would just sit and watch music videos, and I’d sit in front of the TV hoping that somebody on The Box had selected it so it would play next. These collaborations and cameos were like these dream teams, and it would blow your mind. It was such a great time in music and fashion, the clothes were incredible. I’m always looking for that outlandish style and the fish-eye lens, which is huge now, but back then it was like, WOW. I think Hype Williams directed it, and everyone’s dripping in jewels. It was just a moment of pure opulence. Cardi B does it really well now, and so does Beyoncé.

Gareth Pugh S/S18 16 Minutes

LR: I saw the artist, Olivier de Sagazan, with FKA Twigs. She did this installation where she took over an abandoned building and she had dancers in different art directed scenes, and you would follow her as she danced with each of them and each of them had a different style of dance. One of the sections had Olivier in it and he was just sort of rocking on his knees. I was right at the front as everyone sat down and he was rocking and had all this clay in front of him as FKA Twigs walked into the scene in a nude bikini and sat next to him on her knees. They swayed together as they put clay on each other, slapping it onto their faces in a super raw way. He put a pregnant belly on her, and then moulded a little baby for her. It was the most surreal, affecting experience I’ve ever seen. Fashion and art is just the best thing when combined.

Amaro and Walden’s Joyride 2 Minutes

LR: My boyfriend actually directed this one. When I heard about the concept I thought, “This is so cool.” I’ve never seen anything like this and I love these little characters. He calls them pint sizes shits, and they are, they’re just these little cunts that drive around in these cars and they’re just being lairy. Again, it’s really nostalgic because it just reminds me of Beavis and Butthead and all these characters we used to watch when we were younger. You don’t see them anymore because people are commissioning different stories now. I don’t know what it is, but it’s refreshing to see these little characters. I love the interactivity with the live action and the animation and the music, and you just want to see more of it.

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