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Marylou Faure

Marylou Faure introduces 6 videos that are by turns entertaining, funny and downright compelling. From strong female role-models and the power of speaking out, all the way through to combating homesickness, it’s an eclectic selection.

Marylou is a Parisian illustrator and artist, currently living in London. She’s known for her bright colours and positive depictions of the female form. She has worked for Spotify, Apple, ASOS and others. She is currently working on a book ‘Nobody’s Baby’ with Counter-Print, set for release soon.

Donté Colley Motivation in 2019 - #peptalk 1 MINUTE

Marylou Faure: Someone posted about him, so I started following his videos and I just think they’re hilarious. They make you feel good and I love his messages. I love his dancing as well. It feels quite new. It’s on the verge of being completely ridiculous but somehow it’s still really cool. I keep following him and I keep watching his videos. They’re really positive and I like the style. It’s the perfect thing to watch right now.

BeyChella Show 2018 1 Hour 45 Minutes

MF: I’ve been a fan of Beyoncé since I was a teenager, so I always follow what she does. I think she’s a very good representation of female empowerment. She’s the type of female role-model where it’s about doing things yourself and being on top of things, and I think this concert demonstrates that really well.

This concert is insane. She is on another level with what she’s capable of doing. I just love it. I love the energy, I love that she has so many people onstage with her at all times. The way it’s filmed, I felt like I was there.

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Envole-moi (Clip officiel) 4 Minutes

MF: I love listening to this song because it’s a link to France and to my childhood. I’ve lived in London for the past 8 years and also when I was younger, from 4 until 14. Back then we listened to Jean-Jacques Goldman. My dad was a really big fan and would learn the piano parts. We would try to sing along but we’re all very, very, very bad singers so it was quite uncomfortable really.

The song title roughly translates as ‘Fly me away from here’. He’s talking about getting away from somewhere and not becoming like the people where he is now. The meaning is very vague. I used to have my own interpretation. That’s why I chose this song in particular because I used to listen to it all the time and it was about my life and how I interpreted it.

1990 : Gabriel Matzneff face à Denise Bombardier (French subtitles) 4 Minutes

MF: This is 30 years ago. Writer Gabriel Matzneff is talking about one of his books about his relationships with, sometimes underage, teenage girls and boys. Everyone’s just making jokes. It was accepted that because he was a good writer, and maybe because a lot of people actually still thought that way in France, he never got any sort of criticism. He was awarded prizes.

Then this Canadian journalist is like “What the fuck is going on?”. She really tells him off. She says exactly what she thinks about what he’s doing and how he is using his talent to trap these girls. She’s the only one who speaks up and it makes you think, would we look back in 30 years time and see who spoke up and who didn’t on certain subjects?

Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) 5 Minutes

MF: I love this music video. I love everything: the singing, the style of the video, the aesthetic of her makeup. I think it’s awesome. She’s a good artist to look at. She has that power of completely stopping everything around her. Everyone’s attention is focused on her personality and her aura.

At the same time I find her quite scary, how she interacts with interviewers. She’s this very strong female character and I find her hypnotising. It feels like she can adapt to anything and she’ll always try new things. I think she’s quite amazing in everything that she’s achieved.

David Brent on Guitar - Free Love Freeway - The Office - BBC 3 Minutes

MF: When I moved back to London and met my boyfriend, he showed me so many British series’ and I was just like “I don’t get it”. There was the vocabulary that I didn’t necessarily understand and the accent and also, humour is the last thing you learn. You can be completely fluent in part of a culture and still not really understand the humour. So he tried and tried and as a last resort, he was like “OK, I’m going to show you The Office and if you don’t get this, then that’s it, you’re just not going to understand it”. So we started watching it and I thought it was hilarious.

It was a big tipping point in my integration. It’s important because I now feel closer to the culture. Even now, I’ll have a conversation with someone who’s British and I won’t get all the references. So it’s always nice when you feel like you’ve made a bit of progress and can understand some of the references.

Follow Marylou on Instagram at @maryloufaure, and check out her website here



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