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Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos is a visual artist living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working on his own personal projects, exhibitions, and independent publishing.

Merijn works across several media and dreams up a wonderful mix of his signature illustrative shapes and eye-catching palettes in a beautiful balance between digital and analogue. Merijn’s client list includes Jawbone, Coca Cola, Dropbox, Dolby, WIRED Magazine, Pepsi, Le Sportsac, Nickelodeon, Adobe, and Nike.

The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar 4 minutes

This is always the first music video that comes to mind when one asks me about my favorite video. I think it’s really great and I can easily watch it ten times in a row. It is almost meditative. Sound and concept go so well together. The endlessness is just perfect.

Tal R 48 minutes

Tal R is my favorite artist. I’m in love with his energy and visual language. Truly addictive to me. This is a small documentary about him and the process of painting a series of 9 paintings called Habakuk. A beautiful insight into the mind of Tal R.

Oskar Schlemmer, Triadisches Ballett - Bauhaus 30 minutes

To be honest I never did a lot of research about the background of this video and artist. Maybe a bit strange. Anyway, this video is from 1970 but the original ballet is from 1922. I’m in love with everything I see here, color, shape movement. Still so modern. Absolutely stunning.

United Colors of Shirley Kurata 3 minutes

This is a more recent video that I discovered via Nowness. Over the last year or so I felt the urge to go more minimal, not only in my work but also in life. I think this video is a perfect reflection of that feeling. The piece is on my mind a lot.

Gucci by Chris Cunningham 1 minute

I love strong and simple concepts and I think this is a perfect example of one. Just a field of flowers, a xxxl hair dryer and a girl.

Beyond Gorgeous, The Work of Alexander Girard 40 minutes

Alexander Girard is my favorite designer. I have been studying his work for quite some time now and visited his exhibitions all over the work like a groupie. Highlight was a trip to Santa Fe last fall where I visited the Folk Art museum where he has his own wing that shows his immense folk art collection. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen being a folk art enthusiast myself as well. It is not necessarily his work that inspires me to most but his work ethos. Girard was someone that you could not place in one field, he worked on many. I find this very inspiring and is a constant reminder that I can do other things as well with my creativity than sit behind my drawing table and make illustrations.



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