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Nicole Ginelli

Nicole Ginelli is a Brooklyn based independent art director, animator, and illustrator. Known for her illustrative album covers for labels like Leaving, Dark Entries, B.I.S. and commercial, animation work for MTV, Warner Music, and Vice. Previously the Editorial Art Director at Bandcamp and an Interactive Designer at Pitchfork, she has always worked at the intersections of music and design.

Serge Lutens - 資生堂INOUI 1 minute

Wildest makeup commercial I ever seen! Love the super heightened art direction and how far out there they went narratively. This whole series of INOUI commercials is amazing.

Jackson Five - Can You Feel It 5 minutes

The animators are Abel & Associates AND Ken Nordine does the intro.. dream team! I’m a huge fan of all the animated videos Abel & Associates churned out in the early 80s, though most of what I’m familiar with is their commercial work so I was stoked when I realized they did a music video.

Sparks - When I'm With You 3 minutes

I’ve got a soft spot for smartass brother duos! Never seen a vid quite like this, and always appreciated how dry Sparks humor is. Gah, I love em and what a sweet song.

Three Transitions - Peter Campus 5 minutes

One of my favorites from the early 70’s video art cannon. Something about this piece has always felt so prophetic to me, a great early example of faux interactivity.

Suzan Pitt - Asparagus 1 minute

My favorite animated short of all time. It’s fairly hard to track down the full thing online, but it’s worth the hunt or watching an in person screening. I refer to this often when trying to think of conceptual narratives. I’ve always appreciated how beautiful and smooth her transitions are and the many different techniques she tried while staying truly original.

80's New Age Madness; Unarius, Fantazia, Daze 6 minutes

A nice lil mashup of some of my fav aesthetic markers. Unarius is such starry, whacked out, colorful goodness and I love the sales aspect of the new age scams. It brings this awkward commercial reality to what is normally marketed as altruistic or personal exploration.

Pipilotti Rist - Ever is Overall 5 minutes

I was hugely inspired by Pipilotti Rist in college and this video blew my young mind a lil bit. When the Beyonce “Hold Up” vid came out I was like holy moly Bey references on point! All of her video work is really sharp, gorgeous, and has a very specific humor to it.



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