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Stephen Vuillemin

Illustrator, animator and director Stephen Vuillemin currently splits his time between London and Taipei. His video picks focus on the things that arise when forces are placed in opposition.

Stephen’s sense of humour is present throughout his work, which brings together fashion, sci-fi and lifestyle, mixing vulgarity and grandiosity. His animated comic ‘Lycéennes’ has featured in Vice, Wired and cartoonbrew. His client list includes: the New York Times, The Atlantic, Stone Island, Marvel and GQ Magazine.

Tongue ring - Three 6 Mafia 4 Minutes

Stephen Vuillemin: I think this is my favourite music video ever. It could have been so bad but it just ends up being really good. With Three 6 mafia, there’s always a tension between things that you wouldn’t expect, which I love: something scary or violent that also has some beauty. The music is pulling towards a place of darkness and horror, but the look is very colourful and the theme of the song is quite light too. It’s dark and gothic, but it also gets you to dance or move your head. I love this feeling!

There is something very “Satanic” about the colour palette. The cheap special effects, like the animated tattoos, are not a gimmick here. Unlike when people try to mimic this aesthetic today without reaching the same heights. Three 6 Mafia were not trying to be cool or retro, the cheapness was more like an obstacle they had to overcome. So even if it looks a bit wacky, it’s a very nice piece of art and the music is amazing.

It’s very gangsta, and there is something misogynistic about the lyrics, but Gangsta Boo helps pull it back in the other direction. She’s often more hardcore than the guys.

Phantom of the Arena – Kevin Elamrani-Lince 17 MINUTES

SV: This is the most recent video on the list. It was released a few months ago and is my latest big artistic crush. It happens less and less often as I grow older that I see something that makes me say “Wow”, but this video managed it. I’ve known Kevin since living in Paris a few years ago and seeing this reminded me how good he is. It’s only 20 minutes long but it has everything I want to see in a sci-fi movie. There’s beauty and some bizarreness as well. The architecture, the clothes, the sound, the casting, everything works together to create a unique little world. People can look down a bit on commissioned projects but this is really beautiful. It seems like he was free to do what he wanted.

Angel’s Egg - Mamoru Oshii 1 Hour 11 Minutes

SV: I included this film for its design and animation. I respect its originality. The designer, Amano Yoshitaka, worked on the first Final Fantasy games and his style is really, really beautiful. It has that tension between opposites, the design is very elegant and feminine but at the same time it’s dark. The animation too, all the little details on the girl. It’s something I like to watch for animation and design inspiration.

Still Life (Betamale) 2013 - Jon Rafman 5 Minutes

SV: You don’t really know what you’re watching here – Jon Rafman is using videos he found online and some he created. It’s about the editing and curating of his video montage to create a feeling of fear that horror movies don’t manage to create with me. It feels like he takes you on a walk to the dark side of the internet. It makes the internet feel like a movie by David Lynch – it looks clean on the surface, but has a really scary underbelly. The music by Oneohtrix Point Never is superb.

Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich 1 hour 5 Minutes

SV: This is one of my favourite pieces of music. I listen to it if I’m working late. It’s really good to work to, very tonal. In the last few years I’ve been listening to more music on Youtube and I came across this film of the song being performed. With my other choices there’s the tension between ugliness and beauty but with this, it’s more like pure beauty. I think that’s rare. Also I needed something to make up for Mainsqueeze, which was pure horror!

Follow Stephen on Instagram at @aycevee, and check out his website here



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