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Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane, picks 5 videos that showcase what happens when honesty meets single-mindedness and mixes with a sprinkling of nonsense. Not as easy as it sounds. As Rob himself puts it “It requires you to learn who you are and how you think. That’s the hard bit!”

Rob’s signature geometric designs have developed from his background in graphic design and a willingness to try new things. His clients include Arts Council England, Leeds Train Station, V&A, *Wallpaper,, Penguin and Liberty of London.

Ivor Cutler - Shop Lifters 2 MINUTES

Rob Lowe: I first heard of Ivor Cutler through John Peel. He was a poet, artist and musician originally from Glasgow and he had this willfully childlike approach. This is one of my favourite songs by him, Shoplifters. It’s a good joke about him lifting shops. It shows him for who he is, which is, I think, wonderful.

I used to go to Blackwell’s when I first moved to London and they had these tiny little books by him and I picked one up. That really got me into him, these tiny poems. A lot of them are just nonsensical but you’d get something from them even if you couldn’t always be sure of what he was trying to get across. Sometimes it was just silly and I think that’s an underappreciated thing nowadays. It’s really important to just have nonsense, but from an intelligent background. It seems now that everything has to have a purpose. The people I like have a single minded way of approaching things and do their own thing. He’s definitely one of those types.

How to Draw a Bunny (dir: John Walter, 2002) 1 Hour 30 MINUTES

RL: I hadn’t heard of Ray Johnson before seeing this but he’s an interesting character. He did a lot of post-art. I like the aesthetics and the fact that he did very simple postal art a lot of the time.

I think he also loved just playing around with people’s minds. They try and get his personality across through the film. There’s a whole section where somebody wants to buy something off him and he offers to do a portrait. He does 20 portraits instead and says they’re going to cost twenty grand. Then he goes into this long written correspondence and it all gets very, very complicated. He ends up literally chopping a bit off to give to him. It’s that kind of thing.

He seems like he never gave anybody the chance to know who he truly was. At a certain point in the film you realise that people who felt like they knew him really well, found out that they didn’t really know him at all. Then he disappears. He just swims off one day, but it seems like everything about it was planned. Almost another art piece.

Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff (Official Video) 12 Minutes

RL: This song is a real journey. It’s this massive tale of kids going on a school trip, but the imagery that he builds up is just amazing. It’s really funny, that’s the other thing. He purposely puts the lyrics at the bottom, and the video gives the whole thing a real momentum. Richard Dawson has this great way of telling a story but also making it melodically interesting. He’s creating something that’s all about the syllables and the balance of things. It’s the best song I’ve heard in such a long time. I’ve played this to quite a few people who I thought maybe wouldn’t like it, because it’s a little bit intense, but they’ve all seemed to like it.

Aubrey Plaza Explores ASMR | W Magazine 36 Minutes

RL: I am a bit of a fan of Aubrey Plaza, she’s so generous in this video, with what she’s talking about and how she approaches it. I really enjoy the way you get to learn things about her in a completely different way than you would normally. You probably get more out of it than if she was being interviewed more conventionally.

I like the fact that she doesn’t seem to care that much how she’s coming across but she’s also giving a lot of information and just talking honestly. There’s something very appealing in the way she just bumbles through, but at the same time she seems to be very open.

Mortimerian Tales - Bob Mortimer on Would I Lie to You? 50 Minutes

RL: Bob Mortimer is someone who seems to have become more likeable over the years. I heard him on Desert Island Discs recently. It was just a really sweet thing. He spoke about being cripplingly shy for 30 years. He says he only became well-known so people would come and talk to him so he didn’t have to approach them. He just seems like a really nice person.

I love the way he tells stories. They’re not slickly told, he just giggles constantly and he’ll laugh at other people’s comments, and at his own ridiculousness. A lot of these are meant to be true but I’m sure not all the elements are. He talks about doing his own dentistry and it’s just so implausible but it’s true. Basically, if ever you feel a bit down and you watch this, you can’t fail to be happier at the end of it.

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