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Sit back, relax. CURATE.TV is hosting an event! An evening of videos exploring the transcendent and otherworldly. Speakers include:

– Alexander Coggin
– Jojo Sonubi (Black in the Day, RECESS)
– Ella Fitzsimmons
– Jonas Zieher (Spin Studio)
– Nikola Vasakova (Girls in Film)
– Alec Doherty

It’s happening at 71a Leonard Street, London, on the 12th March

Huge thanks to Neckstamper Brewing for suppling us with beer on the night!

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  • Illustrator

Matthew The Horse

Leeds-based illustrator, educator and poet, Matthew ‘The Horse’ Hodson has compiled a list of videos that explore the motivation behind creativity, the value of critical...

  • Events

CURATE.TV LIVE | Transcendent and Otherworldly

Last Thursday 60 heady folk paused the Coronavirus hysteria and gathered at 71a London to watch some videos themed around the transcendent and otherworldly. We...

  • deputy editor
  • elephant magazine

Louise Benson

“YouTube’s a very level playing field,” says Elephant magazine’s Deputy Editor Louise Benson. She explains, “You can be watching a work of art, and then...

  • founder
  • Mundial

Dan Sandison

Having previously studied film, Mundial magazine founder Dan Sandison champions the charm of cinema, and explains that the recent birth of his daughter has added...

  • Illustrator

Alec Doherty

London-based Illustrator and artist Alec Doherty’s video choices are a vision of his youth growing up in a big family, and how he saw the...

  • Designer & Artist

Emily Forgot

Illustrator, artist and designer Emily Forgot’s sources of inspiration are as diverse as her portfolio of talents. She explains, “I started off in illustration and...

  • Breaks Agency
  • founder

Tom Kirkby

Having found his way to the agencies of London from the skateparks of Yorkshire, Tom Kirkby is the founder and pulse behind creative agency Breaks,...

  • Artist

Anna Liber Lewis

Much like the artist herself, Anna Liber Lewis’s large-scale paintings challenge the voyeur to look beyond the figurative and into the soul of the work....


The Best of the First Year of CURATE.TV

It’s been one year! We’ve had over 150 videos from 28 inspiring creatives. To celebrate we’re bringing together the most tip-top, spine-tingling, frame-breaking, content and...

  • director of photography

Henry Lockyer

Henry Lockyer is a Director of Photography working across documentary, artist’s film, drama and commercial. He prizes the behind-closed-doors access that showing up in a...