Ed Andrews is a journalist-turned-film-director who has spent the last decade striving to create vaguely entertaining things. Having previously worked for such print titles as HUCK magazine and Transworld Skateboarding, he now shoots documentaries and promos for the likes of BBC and Channel 4, as well as brands like Canada Goose, Adidas and Eizo.


Strange Rumblings in Shangri La 6 minutes

It’s the first film that properly introduced me to the beauty of super16 film - the colour and aesthetic of it. This Iceland section from the film is particularly evocative and stirring, and shows how much lighting, location and soundtrack are pivotal to getting those ‘feels’.


True Detective Series 1 Episode 4 one shot 10 minutes

The whole first series of True Detective was bleak masterpiece but this scene in particular is spectacular. The practical feat of it all is impressive but at the same time, you forget it’s a showy one shot as the tension, pacing and action are so immersive.


Carl Froch 7 minutes

This is such a tender portrait of boxer Carl Froch. Director William Williamson slowly peels back the layers to reveals something deeper about his character. When I first started making films, I would constantly reference this, trying to understand why it resonated so much.


Truth. Beauty. Bailey 4 minutes

This is both funny and revealing. The film uses lots of off cuts of Bailey giving the crew shit and generally being a bit grumpy and difficult. These moments tell you so much more about him than his interview answers. But it doesn’t come across as a spiteful at all, thanks to Bailey’s opening gambit “I don’t care what you say about me, as long as it’s the truth.” This is a constant reminder to me to try to do something unexpected and unconventional - even if you may not always get it right.


Miike Snow : Genghis Khan 4 minutes

This is just really funny and charming. A pastiche of early Bond films where the ‘00’ and the supervillain fall in love. A good example of just solidly entertaining the viewer...


Sassy Trump 2 minutes

You can’t just pick one example of this, you should just watch loads of them. Peter Serafinowicz redubs news snippets of Trump with a sassy, effeminate voice accompanied by strange intakes of breathes and vocal lurches. This simple tricks both ridicules Trump but also cleverly exposes the utter shit that Trump talks. It’s a very important public service.