Fabrizio is an Italian designer and illustrator based in Stoke Newington, London. Former TCO London and Human After All, he now works as a freelance designer in different media and industries, ranging from publishing to fashion, from music to advertising. He's also an illustrated children's book lover. His latest project, with his friend Alessio, is a book for children about diversity and disability, that is going to be released at the end of April. www.bambinovolante.com


Akira Kurosawa – on movie 7 minutes

Great advice to young directors from one the greatest. I love the concept that, in his opinion, all you need to do to make a good movie is to write a good script, and to do so you need pencil and paper, and you need to write every single word. And that’s the hard part. I think this is a great lesson about life in general.


Nanni Moretti – Caro Diario 1 minute

This is one of my favourite parts of one of my favourite movies of one of my favourite directors, ever (That probably makes me a bit partial towards this clip). This is an odd episode from an episodic movie. I love how this little bit of a magical, otherworldly old movie, cripples into the story, creating a strangely contemplative and lighthearted moment, without a proper explanation. I try to adopt this approach in everything I do, adding a little sparkle of irrationality and instinct.


Dick Bruna – Making Miffy 4 minutes

I love watching this clip. Shows how one of my favourite illustrators worked, his process, and the extreme care and thought he puts in his work. He looks somewhat like a Buddhist monk creating a sand mandala, mixed with an old craftsman. And I love that the result of such a long and painstaking process is something as simple and effortless-looking as Miffy.


Terry Riley – on In C 7 minutes

Terry Riley is a musical genius, an awesome guy, and the closest thing I can think of to a Guru. His work and his approach to art are one of the main sources of inspiration to me. Here he tells a bit of the beginning of his career, working with Chet Baker and Pandit Pran Nath, experimenting with LSD, living the culture of the 60’s, his life philosophy, and obviously In C.


Mark Leckey – Pearl Vision 3 minutes

Mark Leckey is one of those artists whose work, when I was first exposed to it years ago, created a shift in my way of seeing art. Also, it was the first time I had the feeling of understanding video art at a deeper level. The delicate balance to express a deep critique of the visual culture, and the strive to create pure and somewhat unreal beauty, is something. This piece to me embodies his vision perfectly, it is beautiful in a unique way, is lyric, and has a wicked soundtrack.


On Ed Ruscha – narrated by Owen Wilson 7 minutes

Ed Ruscha is my favourite visual artist. Period. Every time I’m stuck and don’t know how to finish a project, I google his name and randomly scroll his work, and more often than not something clicks in my mind, whether it be stealing... Ehm.. hommage a composition, or the combination of colours, or the way a word is spaced. This fun video commissioned by Moca and narrated by Owen Wilson embodies the spirit of the artist and works as an exciting overview of his career. (an OLIVE?)