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James Cartwright

James Cartwright is a freelance writer and editor. He currently edits Weapons of Reason magazine and was formerly Print Editor at It’s Nice That.

Daniel Swan and David Rudnick — Valhalla by RL Grime 4 minutes

I don’t usually go in for ultra-futuristic sci-fi or whatever kind of trap/drum and bass is going on in this video, but if humanity is headed for some kind of apocalyptic desert war then having Daniel Swan and David Rudnick direct and design the whole thing would perhaps take the edge off the desolate horror surrounding us. Those big armoured trucks are so shiny!

Sweetgrass Productions — Valhalla 3 minutes

I stumbled across this because it has the same name as the last video. Watching snowboard videos is one of my favourite ways to kill time, mostly because although I’m a reasonably proficient rider, I am shit-scared of heights, so the kind of activity taking place here will be forever out of reach for me. Which is a depressing thought. It’s also soundtracked with Donovan’s Hurdy-Gurdy Man, which will either make you love it, or drive you crazy.

On The Roofs — Shanghai Tower 5 minutes

My fear of heights also means that this video makes me feel physically sick. I’ve never seen another bit of film that makes my vertigo kick in so violently. Enjoy!

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick — The Vietnam War 2 minutes

This is a trailer for Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s recent documentary The Vietnam War, which is unsurprisingly, about The Vietnam War. I’m currently 12 hours in to the 18-hour saga, which took longer to put together than the war actually lasted—and it was a really long war. You can find the whole thing online for free if you’re the kind of person who likes to flout copyright law, or it’s probably available on DVD. The soundtrack is by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Atticus Ross, and is really, brutally good.

Neil Young — Heart of Gold 5 minutes

“I’m gonna sing another new one now,” says Neil as he gets himself comfy on his stool and adjusts his harmonica. “Is everybody having a good time or what?” Neil’s only just getting used to playing his harmonica in 1971, and seems to be feeling pretty bashful about the whole performance. Then he launches into Heart of Gold, a “new one”. I don’t have to explain why this is so good.

Patrick McGoohan — The Prisoner 2 minutes

When I was first a student, my housemate had the complete boxset of The Prisoner, and we must’ve watched it in its entirety five or six times. We had a lot of time to kill. The set design and costumes are as dazzling as the script is hammy and absurd. But the whole production is genuinely unsettling and often scary, which is testament to the direction of the whole thing. Also the main villain is a weather balloon, which proves special effects aren’t all that important.



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Ailsa Johnson

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David Jenkins

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Jeremiah Glazer

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Jameela Elfaki

Jameela Elfaki is a London based photographer and creative with an interest in photographing women of colour in an unconventional way; articulating and representing diversity...

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  • Nous Vous

Jay Cover

Illustrator, artist and educator Jay Cover was born and raised on the Isle of Man and studied Visual Communication at Leeds College of Art. He...

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Liz Seabrook

Liz Seabrook is a portrait, lifestyle and food photographer based in London, who’s very willing to travel. She’s happiest when meeting new people, especially if...

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Tim Head

Tim Head is a London-based multimedia artist, designer and filmmaker. He has exhibited internationally at collections and solo shows in New York, Berlin, Madrid, Los...

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  • Strategist

Ella Fitzsimmons

Ella is Head of Narrative Strategy at Projects by IF, a technology studio specialising in ethical and practical uses of data. She’s lived and worked...

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  • Nuevo.Studio

Alvaro Arregui

Founder and Director at Tokyo’s design innovation shop: Nuevo.Studio, Alvaro is a spaniard who graduated in art and design and has run studios in Zaragoza,...

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Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Jonathan Djob Nkondo is an independent filmmaker, illustrator and freelance 2D animator based in France. He studied animation at Paris’ Gobelins, l’École de l’Image and...

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  • Illustrator

Nicole Ginelli

Nicole Ginelli is a Brooklyn based independent art director, animator, and illustrator. Known for her illustrative album covers for labels like Leaving, Dark Entries, B.I.S....

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Guy Moorhouse

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Petra Eriksson

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Fabrizio Festa

Fabrizio is an Italian designer and illustrator based in Stoke Newington, London. Former TCO London and Human After All, he now works as a freelance designer...

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Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos is a visual artist living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working...

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Melissa Deckert

Melissa Deckert is a multidisciplinary designer, art director and content creator who loves to work with her hands. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, she...

  • digital editor
  • Little White Lies Magazine

Adam Woodward

Adam Woodward is the Digital Editor at Little White Lies Magazine. Little White Lies was established in 2005, it’s committed to championing great movies and...

  • Strategy director
  • Ustwo

Russell Davies

Russell Davies is Strategy Director at ustwo and contributing editor at Wired. He thinks about what happens when organisations and services meet the internet and he builds...

  • freelance designer

Philippa Thomas

Philippa Thomas is a freelance graphic designer and photographer based in London. She’s currently Instagrammer in residence at the Barbican Centre

  • Illustrator

Anna Sudit

Anna Sudit is an art director and illustrator from New York, currently based in London. She is intrigued and inspired by combining very different interests...

  • Director & DOP

Ed Andrews

Ed Andrews is a journalist-turned-film-director who has spent the last decade striving to create vaguely entertaining things. Having previously worked for such print titles as...

  • Publishing

Publication Studio London

Louisa and Sharon run the London arm of an international network of 11 print on demand publishers from Vancouver, BC and Hudson, NY to Rotterdam,...

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Evan Lelliott

Better known as one half of techno duo Increments. Born in the Caribbean and raised in London – this eclectic combination influenced the kaleidoscopic rhythms...