Philippa Thomas is a freelance graphic designer and photographer based in London. She's currently Instagrammer in residence at the Barbican Centre

Oppressed Majority – Eleonore Pourriat 11 minutes

This short film is set in Paris, where we are invited to watch a day in the life of a man. At first it looks like he’s just going about a normal day, until realisation slowly creeps in that he’s living in a world where gender roles have been reversed – and he is faced with prejudice, verbal and sexual abuse. Behaviours which are so commonly experienced by women (#everydaysexism), but when you’re watching those things happen to a man, there’s something which feels so shocking about it. Beautifully shot and highly recommended viewing for… everyone.

Work week like Dicaprio 1 minute

Technically a gif, but this goes out to anyone working for the rat race. Perfectly executed and it really captures those work week feels. It makes me laugh every time!

The Putter – Shaun Bloodworth 4 minutes

An absolutely glorious celebration of true craftpersonship by the amazing late Shaun Bloodworth. This film documents a ‘Putter’ – literally a Putter-togetherer of scissors – in one of the last hand-manufactured scissor factories in the UK. I’ve always been totally mesmerised by watching people making things – and this is no exception. Is there anything more beautiful than watching those old hands so lovingly and skillfully craft each pair of scissors? My only complaint is that it isn’t longer.

A Little Respect – Erasure 4 minutes

This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure… (But come on, deep down, who doesn’t love Erasure?) So imagine my delight when I discover that the music video to my *ahem* favourite pop song is as mind-blowingly good as the song itself? The split screen, the fade ins, the literal references, the literal references (so good I’ve listed them twice)… a total dream.

The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz 20 minutes

This is one of my favourite TED talks – which I must have watched at least 12 times. It totally blew my mind and made me want to move to the sea. I also love his outfit choice 10/10.

UP! Opening sequence – Pixar 4 minutes

***Warning: Known to make grown humans weep*** I know this is an idealised and not-real representation of life and love, but if this doesn’t make you cry then you are DEAD INSIDE! I honestly can’t remember what happened in the rest of the film because I was crying too much.

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