Video playlists from the most interesting people in the creative industries. We are the Desert Island Discs of internet video.


Philippa Thomas

Philippa Thomas is a freelance graphic designer and photographer based in London. She’s currently Instagrammer in residence at the Barbican Centre

Oppressed Majority – Eleonore Pourriat 11 minutes

This short film is set in Paris, where we are invited to watch a day in the life of a man. At first it looks like he’s just going about a normal day, until realisation slowly creeps in that he’s living in a world where gender roles have been reversed – and he is faced with prejudice, verbal and sexual abuse. Behaviours which are so commonly experienced by women (#everydaysexism), but when you’re watching those things happen to a man, there’s something which feels so shocking about it. Beautifully shot and highly recommended viewing for… everyone.

Work week like Dicaprio 1 minute

Technically a gif, but this goes out to anyone working for the rat race. Perfectly executed and it really captures those work week feels. It makes me laugh every time!

The Putter – Shaun Bloodworth 4 minutes

An absolutely glorious celebration of true craftpersonship by the amazing late Shaun Bloodworth. This film documents a ‘Putter’ – literally a Putter-togetherer of scissors – in one of the last hand-manufactured scissor factories in the UK. I’ve always been totally mesmerised by watching people making things – and this is no exception. Is there anything more beautiful than watching those old hands so lovingly and skillfully craft each pair of scissors? My only complaint is that it isn’t longer.

A Little Respect – Erasure 4 minutes

This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure… (But come on, deep down, who doesn’t love Erasure?) So imagine my delight when I discover that the music video to my *ahem* favourite pop song is as mind-blowingly good as the song itself? The split screen, the fade ins, the literal references, the literal references (so good I’ve listed them twice)… a total dream.

The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz 20 minutes

This is one of my favourite TED talks – which I must have watched at least 12 times. It totally blew my mind and made me want to move to the sea. I also love his outfit choice 10/10.

UP! Opening sequence – Pixar 4 minutes

***Warning: Known to make grown humans weep*** I know this is an idealised and not-real representation of life and love, but if this doesn’t make you cry then you are DEAD INSIDE! I honestly can’t remember what happened in the rest of the film because I was crying too much.


  • Animator

Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Jonathan Djob Nkondo is an independent filmmaker, illustrator and freelance 2D animator based in France. He studied animation at Paris’ Gobelins, l’École de l’Image and...

  • art director
  • Illustrator

Nicole Ginelli

Nicole Ginelli is a Brooklyn based independent art director, animator, and illustrator. Known for her illustrative album covers for labels like Leaving, Dark Entries, B.I.S....

  • freelance designer

Guy Moorhouse

Guy is an independent designer who helps make things on the internet. He’s done this for lots of organisations from tiny start-ups to large tech...

  • Illustrator

Petra Eriksson

Petra Eriksson is a visual artist and illustrator from Stockholm, currently living in Barcelona. She studied fine art followed by graphic design at Berghs School...

  • freelance designer

Fabrizio Festa

Fabrizio is an Italian designer and illustrator based in Stoke Newington, London. Former TCO London and Human After All, he now works as a freelance designer...

  • Illustrator

Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos is a visual artist living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working...

  • Illustrator

Melissa Deckert

Melissa Deckert is a multidisciplinary designer, art director and content creator who loves to work with her hands. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, she...

  • digital editor
  • Little White Lies

Adam Woodward

Adam Woodward is the Digital Editor at Little White Lies Magazine. Little White Lies was established in 2005, it’s committed to championing great movies and...

  • Strategy director
  • Ustwo

Russell Davies

Russell Davies is Strategy Director at ustwo and contributing editor at Wired. He thinks about what happens when organisations and services meet the internet and he builds...

  • Freelance writer

James Cartwright

James Cartwright is a freelance writer and editor. He currently edits Weapons of Reason magazine and was formerly Print Editor at It’s Nice That.

  • Illustrator

Anna Sudit

Anna Sudit is an art director and illustrator from New York, currently based in London. She is intrigued and inspired by combining very different interests...

  • Director & DOP

Ed Andrews

Ed Andrews is a journalist-turned-film-director who has spent the last decade striving to create vaguely entertaining things. Having previously worked for such print titles as...

  • Publishing

Publication Studio London

Louisa and Sharon run the London arm of an international network of 11 print on demand publishers from Vancouver, BC and Hudson, NY to Rotterdam,...

  • Music Producer

Evan Lelliott

Better known as one half of techno duo Increments. Born in the Caribbean and raised in London – this eclectic combination influenced the kaleidoscopic rhythms...