Russell Davies is Strategy Director at ustwo and contributing editor at Wired. He thinks about what happens when organisations and services meet the internet and he builds things to find out more. You can can find out more about what Russell is up to on his website.


Aretha Franklin sings Natural Woman 5 minutes

Just Aretha singing Natural Woman would be enough. But this time she’s singing it in front of Carol King - who wrote it - and the Obamas - who are wiping tears from their eyes. This is just glorious. And it’s even better when you read this New Yorker piece and notice the little details like the handbag and the fur coat.

Jenn Schiffer Engineer / Artist 30 minutes

Firstly, mostly, importantly Jenn Schiffer is funny. Very funny. But secondly, interestingly she’s funny at the expense of the shit she gets from people (men) about her developer parodies. She’s angry, but constructively so. She makes stuff out of it. Funny stuff.

Evelyn Glennie Playing The Lambeg 5 minutes

If you’ve not seen Evelyn Glennie belting the hell out of a Lambeg you’ve not lived. She really does thwack it, but somehow with finesse. It makes you want to jig about in a vaguely Northern Irish Game of Thrones-y way.

Plus, I really like the idea that Evelyn Glennie has a massive lambeg drum just lying around her office. #officegoals

On Slowly Forgetting - Kim Plowright 12 minutes

Every now and then I’m lucky enough to be able to organise my own conference. In 2016 Kim Plowright came and did an incredible talk about her parents and the way she chronicled their decline on social media. We recorded the audio and she’s put it online with the pictures she used during her talk. It’s incredibly powerful. Sad and inspiring at the same time.

O Superman 8 minutes

I was a resolute pop kid in 1982. Only interested in Haircut 100 and Kajagoogoo. And then Laurie Anderson turned up on Top of the Pops, with this strange 8-minute piece of wonder. It was a sudden full face hit of New York downtown ART, not just the music but the visual imagination and the ideas and the total ineffable cool.

Laura´s Bluetooth Receiver for the Car 4 minutes

Laura Kampf is a craftswoman from Cologne. I’d like to say that her builds will inspire me to build something. They won’t. I’ll never build anything. But I could watch these videos all day. They display a version of craft I can get behind - not obsessive, but pragramatic and quick. And she’s not whittling spoons in a cave - the modern world is involved here. The aesthetic is lovely too, a kind of high-quality film making that hadn’t existed before YouTube.