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Tim Head

Tim Head is a London-based multimedia artist, designer and filmmaker. He has exhibited internationally at collections and solo shows in New York, Berlin, Madrid, Los Angeles and Melbourne and has worked on commissions for Ralph Lauren x Selfridges, Nike, The Big Issue, Carharrt, Converse, Ace Hotel London and Rough Trade, among many others.

He draws inspiration from fields as diverse as the rave scene of the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s, politics, the nature of truth in the media and the stories of every day. His work is shot through with a humour and optimism that doesn’t shy from the bleak or brutal. Tim’s work covers film, zines, print, music videos, album artwork and posters.

Pop goes the easel 44 Minutes

This is an early Ken Russell documentary about pop art in West London during the swinging sixties, focusing on such artists as Peter Blake.

Russell, Blake and West London were massive influences on me as a teenager, so this is kind of my dream documentary. Watching it now, knowing how much gentrification has changed West London for the worse, it’s amazing to see these young creative people living, working and partying in what are now multi million pound flats….sigh.

General Levy Notting Hill Carnival 5 Minutes

I’m from West London and one of the things I’m most proud of is Carnival. Watching this always gets me excited for Carnival. If you’ve never been, then the General issues wise words.

Portrait of Jason 11 Minutes

A few years back I met an elderly biker called Ken in my local pub. He always had tall tales, that whilst we thought could be bullshit, were never less than entertaining. Talking to Ken, I realised that towns and cities are made up of the people living there, with everyone having a story to tell… and that eventually we all die, and these oral stories will be lost forever. So I decided to document Ken’s stories, true or not.

I was wrestling with how to shoot this documentary, as he was a no bullshit kind of guy, plus I was bored with a lot of the stuff I was seeing around that time….that is until I discovered ‘Portrait of Jason’.

‘Portrait of Jason’ crystalised perfectly what a good documentary is when stripped back – the story that has to be told. There are no fancy camera moves or sets, no soundtrack, it’s literally the subject talking to you as if you were with him in a bar talking over a drink. There’s an intimacy and a hypnotic quality that I love, and the minimalism struck a chord. So, based on this film, I shot Ken speaking into the camera as if he was talking directly to the viewer. That reminded me of what it was like to have him tell you a story.

Watch Ken (2013)

The Fall Vs Michael Clark - Lay of The Land 5 Minutes

There’s so much to this I love.

I love any chance to see Mark E Smith (RIP).

I love how he constantly challenged himself and how The Fall were perceived.

I love how he gives 0 fucks by performing with contemporary dance, when most bands were being so safe – and boring.

I love the mash of the visuals and music.

I love that it kind of represents me and my girlfriend, who is a choreographer.

I love it.

Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan 2 Minutes

Fuck Dictators and long live the freedom to mock those in power. This is a powerful video, as it was a comedy sketch that caused a real world ruckus, and any chance to piss off Erdogan is good by me.

Locomia 4 Minutes

No words needed. Balearic perfection and a banger.

Brexit 4 Minutes

When all the shit surrounding Brexit gets me really down (which is a constant), I get a good laugh at how stupid the UK’s become with this video. Humour is often the best medicine, and weapon.



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Henry Lockyer

Henry Lockyer is a Director of Photography working across documentary, artist’s film, drama and commercial. He prizes the behind-closed-doors access that showing up in a...

  • Illustrator

Ailsa Johnson

Ailsa Johnson is an illustrator and designer who studied at Edinburgh College of Art. She has twice been highly commended in the Macmillan’s Children award...

  • Studio Lindhorst Emme
  • Typographer

Sven Lindhorst-Emme

Sven Lindhorst-Emme was born in Bielefeld, Germany in 1978. He studied and worked as a lithographer from 1998 and in 2008 began studying Graphic and...

  • Editor
  • Little White Lies Magazine

David Jenkins

David Jenkins is a journalist and movie fanatic who studied at Liverpool University and City University in London. He counts his main education as watching...

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Jeremiah Glazer

Jeremiah Glazer runs PS 379, a boutique music & video production studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Having previously been a guitarist in a punk rock...

  • art director
  • Party of One

Nicole Licht

Nicole Licht is an artist turned art director and designer. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, she makes up ½ of Party of One Studio,...

  • Photographer

Jameela Elfaki

Jameela Elfaki is a London based photographer and creative with an interest in photographing women of colour in an unconventional way; articulating and representing diversity...

  • Illustrator
  • Nous Vous

Jay Cover

Illustrator, artist and educator Jay Cover was born and raised on the Isle of Man and studied Visual Communication at Leeds College of Art. He...

  • Photographer

Liz Seabrook

Liz Seabrook is a portrait, lifestyle and food photographer based in London, who’s very willing to travel. She’s happiest when meeting new people, especially if...

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  • Strategist

Ella Fitzsimmons

Ella is Head of Narrative Strategy at Projects by IF, a technology studio specialising in ethical and practical uses of data. She’s lived and worked...

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  • Nuevo.Studio

Alvaro Arregui

Founder and Director at Tokyo’s design innovation shop: Nuevo.Studio, Alvaro is a spaniard who graduated in art and design and has run studios in Zaragoza,...

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Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Jonathan Djob Nkondo is an independent filmmaker, illustrator and freelance 2D animator based in France. He studied animation at Paris’ Gobelins, l’École de l’Image and...

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  • Illustrator

Nicole Ginelli

Nicole Ginelli is a Brooklyn based independent art director, animator, and illustrator. Known for her illustrative album covers for labels like Leaving, Dark Entries, B.I.S....

  • freelance designer

Guy Moorhouse

Guy is an independent designer who helps make things on the internet. He’s done this for lots of organisations from tiny start-ups to large tech...

  • Illustrator

Petra Eriksson

Petra Eriksson is a visual artist and illustrator from Stockholm, currently living in Barcelona. She studied fine art followed by graphic design at Berghs School...

  • freelance designer

Fabrizio Festa

Fabrizio is an Italian designer and illustrator based in Stoke Newington, London. Former TCO London and Human After All, he now works as a freelance designer...

  • Illustrator

Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos is a visual artist living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working...

  • Illustrator

Melissa Deckert

Melissa Deckert is a multidisciplinary designer, art director and content creator who loves to work with her hands. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, she...

  • digital editor
  • Little White Lies Magazine

Adam Woodward

Adam Woodward is the Digital Editor at Little White Lies Magazine. Little White Lies was established in 2005, it’s committed to championing great movies and...

  • Strategy director
  • Ustwo

Russell Davies

Russell Davies is Strategy Director at ustwo and contributing editor at Wired. He thinks about what happens when organisations and services meet the internet and he builds...

  • Freelance writer

James Cartwright

James Cartwright is a freelance writer and editor. He currently edits Weapons of Reason magazine and was formerly Print Editor at It’s Nice That.

  • freelance designer

Philippa Thomas

Philippa Thomas is a freelance graphic designer and photographer based in London. She’s currently Instagrammer in residence at the Barbican Centre

  • Illustrator

Anna Sudit

Anna Sudit is an art director and illustrator from New York, currently based in London. She is intrigued and inspired by combining very different interests...

  • Director & DOP

Ed Andrews

Ed Andrews is a journalist-turned-film-director who has spent the last decade striving to create vaguely entertaining things. Having previously worked for such print titles as...

  • Publishing

Publication Studio London

Louisa and Sharon run the London arm of an international network of 11 print on demand publishers from Vancouver, BC and Hudson, NY to Rotterdam,...

  • Music Producer

Evan Lelliott

Better known as one half of techno duo Increments. Born in the Caribbean and raised in London – this eclectic combination influenced the kaleidoscopic rhythms...